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Strata is a terminology describing the subdivision of land and buildings into ownership of individual lots combined with shared ownership in the remainder (called ‘common property’). The strata concept applies to many forms of property including residential units, villas and townhouses, retail shops, office buildings, garages, storerooms, industrial parks and retirement villages.

Strata Title was first introduced in Australia in the 1961 to better cope with the legal ownership of apartment blocks and has become a popular form of home ownership.  Unit owners have the freedom of owning their own apartment whilst sharing common property and facilities. The common property can comprise recreational facilities, gym, sauna, swimming pool, tennis court, meeting room, golf course, etc. All owners collectively contribute to the maintenance of these facilities by paying levies.

In 1989 Community Titles brought even more adventurous ways of subdividing land and buildings. Community Associations have been established that include vineyards, horse stables, etc. The complexity of these developments incorporates not only the common property, but also the common services and additional responsibilities that go with the community common areas and non-common property. Generally community title schemes are responsible for their own roads, parks and gardens maintenance, garbage collection and potentially delivery of some utilities.  Some Community Title schemes are so large they actually are a suburb in their own right.

Unit owners automatically become part of the owner's corporation.  The Owners Corporation is charged with looking after and maintaining the common property as well as ensuring and maintaining the enjoyment of its residents through by-laws etc.

A Strata Manager is appointed to carry out some or all of the functions, duties or powers of the Owners Corporation. It is a specialist area involving the day-to-day operation and management of property.  Appointing a strata manager can aid the Owners Corporation with the day to day responsibilities of running the strata scheme. Integrity Strata Management Pty Ltd’s aim is to assist you to successfully control, manage, maintain and administer your strata scheme. We are a flexible company and will work with your Strata Committee to achieve the aims of your Owners Corporation.

As the legislation can differ between different types of strata schemes, Integrity Strata Management Pty Ltd has managers who specialise in particular areas. 


These include:


  • Residential Complexes

  • Commercial, Industrial and Mixed Use Buildings

  • Set-Ups (from development stage)



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