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The Strata Management of your commercial strata scheme can have a direct impact on your business and your tenants business and their customers.  Our goal is to provide you with the best commercial strata management which in turn will assist in increasing the value of your commercial strata property.


Our Strata Managers are highly skilled and well prepared in all aspects of:-


  • Accounting - levies, budgeting, invoices and reporting

  • Building Defects – obtain qualified professionals to deal with building defects

  • Data Storage – Maintain strata roll, keeping of all strata books and records

  • Day to day works - Engaging with trades people to arrange quotes and repairs and maintenance

  • Financial records - Assist auditors and tax agents

  • Insurance –insurance claims as well as, on renewal , obtain quotes to ensure the best and most cost effective insurance is obtained

  • Keys – maintain key registers

  • Legislation – by-laws, legal requirements and regulations

  • Meetings - convene, hold, minute and attend all required strata meetings

  • Preventative maintenance programs

  • Strata Projects – managing large strata projects

  • Strata bodies – liaise with third parties e.g. NCAT, Department of Fair Trading, Department of Lands.


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