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If you are considering buying a home unit, townhouse or apartment it is likely to have a Strata Title.  Your Solicitor/Conveyancer will advise you of the importance to obtain a Strata Inspection so that you are fully aware of information relating to building that is not obvious from a visual inspection.


Do you know if your pet is/is not permitted, is the building adequately insured, are there sufficient funds in the bank to carry out major repairs, are improvements on the lot authorised? 


Our Inspection of the Owners' Corporation records will reveal important information including:


  • History of Repairs

  • Proposed Expenditure

  • Disputes and Disharmony

  • Rules about Pets

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Budget for Administration Fund

  • Value of Capital Works Fund

  • Proportion of Owner Occupiers




A comprehensive pre-purchase property report based on an inspection of the strata plan records held by the Strata Manager. It includes information regarding the financial position of the Owners Corporation, current levies, special levies that have been raised in the past and/or payable in the not too distant future, minutes of past meetings, notices and orders, alterations and additions, animals, past building work and other relevant matters that are noted in the files. All pre-purchase property reports are emailed in PDF format. 




When we receive your request for a pre-purchase property report we immediately book an appointment to inspect the records on your behalf with the strata manager.  The report is emailed to you and your Solicitor/Conveyancer in .pdf format within 24 hours after we have completed the examination of the records. 


To request your strata search simply call our office on 02 6583 8951 or email ( us with your application and include the : Lot number, Strata Plan Number, Current Owners Surname and the Strata Management Company that manages the property and we’ll do the rest.


If the property is managed by Integrity Strata Management Pty Ltd we employ an independent staff member who undertakes Strata Searches within the office.





Our comprehensive pre-purchase property reports are prepared by viewing all documents provided by the owners corporation or their strata managing agent. No responsibility will be accepted for errors or omissions should it be found to be incorrect, as it is possible that some of the records were not made available for inspection. The information provided relates to strata schemes within New South Wales only.  


Integrity Strata Management Pty Ltd accepts no liability to a third party in the event that this report is provided to a third party other than the client named in this report. Should a third party become in possession of this report it is suggested that an updated pre-purchase property report be obtained.  Reports may not be sold or provided to any other person without our express written permission, unless the client is authorised to do so by legislation.   


Integrity Strata Management remains the owner of the report and reserve the right to resell the report to third parties.

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