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Annual General Meetings (AGM's)

AGM's require 7 clear days notice to all owners and the agenda includes for a number of statutory and governance motions to be considered each year, such as the adopting of insurances, setting of levies, election of strata committee. AGM's are open to all owners and their validly appointed proxies.



Strata Committee Meetings (SCM’s)

SC meetings require 72 hours notice and the recipients of the agenda vary depending on the size of the strata plan (i.e. a large scheme over 100 lots) and the registered by-laws. 





Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM’s)

EGM's are held to consider matters that must be addressed in general meeting by all owners and typically outside of the timing of the AGM

(which occurs once annually)


Other Meetings

Other meetings such as the First AGM are held in accordance with the requirements of the Strata Schemes Management Act.


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