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Dear Ladies,


It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Integrity StrataManagement.


My first dealings with your company was in 2002 when I purchased my Villa in Owen Street. At that time you were known as Judi Turnham Strata Management and the whole concept of a strata property was very new to me.


As the years progressed I became very used to just having your Strata team there to provide any advice and direction for strata related issues and I assumed this is how all Strata Managers operated. It was not until I purchased additional properties that I realised how ‘good’ my experience with Judi Turnham Strata Management had been and the name change to Integrity Strata only seemed to validate my views. I have three of my properties with Integrity Strata and if it were possible I would certainly move them all over as I am very happy with the service provided.


I deal with several other strata managers in Port Macquarie as well as some in the ACT and neighbouring Queanbeyan and I would be very confident in recommending Integrity Strata to any group of owners or a developer looking for a capable Strata Manager.


I very much appreciate the friendly professionalism, the willingness to meet owners out of hours at their complex and provide a thorough knowledge of the law. I see the personal approach and ability to follow things through as being a real bonus when you deal with the Integrity Strata team.


When I was looking to buy a Port Macquarie strata property during 2012 I favoured those which were managed by Integrity Strata as I knew I could rely on the strata team to have everything in order. The guidance provided by Patti Turnham for several of the properties I have in her Strata portfolio is invaluable. I appreciate her knowledge which when coupled with a friendly personality makes the Annual General Meetings run well and any incidental communications during the year are accomplished with aplomb. The other ladies in the office provide the same level of service and expertise in their allocated areas.


I would certainly recommend Integrity Strata Management as my first choice in Port Macquarie when it comes to Strata Management. I simply wouldn’t contemplate using anyone else.  




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