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A certificate issued under section 184 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 can be ordered using the form below.


A Section 184 Certificate gives the information about the strata scheme including:


  • The Names And Addresses Of The Executive Committee Members, The Managing Agent And Caretaker (If There Is One)

  • The Levies To Be Paid By The Owners

  • Any Outstanding Levies

  • The Address Where The Records And Financial Statements Can Be Viewed

  • Any Special By-Laws Made By The Owners Corporation In The Past 2 Years.


* Note - Section 26 is the equivalent certificate under the Community Land Management Act


Statutory fees apply for the provision of these certificates.


Section 184 -  $119.90 incl. GST per lot

Section 26 -    $103.40 incl. GST per lot


Payment must be made to Integrity Strata Management Pty Ltd before a certificate will be issued.

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